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Flexible ducts

Flexible Ducts

Burgess Fabric Engineering is an established manufacturer of: fabric flexible connectors, fabric ducts, or plenums, & fabric chutes. All manufactured individually to the customer's dimensions.
The ducts provide a coupling, either between two items that are the same size, or often they form the transition between a large and a small aperture. The two apertures can also be offset, to allow for an installation where the two items are not positioned central to each other.
A fabric duct absorbs movement preventing the transmission of vibration & noise throughout a system. Any two items can be joined with a fabric connector, whatever their size or position relative to each other.


The material can be recommended by us or specified by the customer. Flame retardant PVC meets the requirements for many applications; Silicone coated glass fibre provides a high degree of fire and temperature resistance. Other materials can be used for specific requirements.


Each duct has a fabric flange made to a size & at an angle that corresponds with the adjoining steel work. The flexible connector is usually sandwiched between this steel work and an additional steel strip and secured with rivets or screws. Alternatively, if the steel work is pre drilled, the flexible duct can be supplied with holes cut at specified intervals. Round flexible ducts can be secured with easy to fit strangle banding.


Each fabric connector is individual, so any size is possible.


Our service is second to none. We aim to meet our customer's expectations of delivery times & operate an efficient, nationwide service.

Quality and Price

A flexible duct is highly visible & its quality will reflect on the whole installation. Computer aided design & manufacture provide consistent accuracy. Checks at key stages ensure the highest quality at competitive prices.

Order details

A phone call is initially the quickest & best way of contacting us. Followed by a technical drawing, or a simple sketch to confirm details. If necessary we can supply standard template drawings to allow quick and easy dimensioning, either by a customer's design office or from someone on site, measuring the items to be joined.

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